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Single word: library
Phrase: "Romeo and Juliet" (add quotes around exact phrases)
Wildcard: librar* (will match library, libraries, librarian or ...)
Multiple words/phrases: "White House" AND library
Near other words: library near5 construction
     (find the word library where construction is within 5 words on either side)
Not Near other words: library not near5 building
     (find the word library where building is not within 5 words on either side of library)
Near multiple words: library near15 (construction OR building OR Permit)
     (find the word library where ANY of the three words are within 15 words on either side)

text: newspaper name is at the top followed by a synopsis of the results with search term highlighted.
info: publication date and page
img: smaller view of the page
pdfIcon: here you can download the entire page of this result

*If you click the high-lighted word, you will zoom in on the word on the page.
*If this is the article you wish to print, select the print icon in the top right of the window where the newspaper page appears.
-by default, a crop box is already selected. Resize the box to what you wish to download/print/email and then select the button at the top to download/print or email.
-download/print: will download the document to your computer
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